NEW RELEASE! the dE ExtractionEngine

Can you imagine having a tool that will extract and normalize data from hundreds (or even thousands) of SEC filings in hours not months? Because of directEDGAR's unique architecture we now offer this capability.

Our tool lifts data from the original SEC filings and then normalizes it into one csv file, ready to open in Excel, SAS or similar analysis programs.

To get a sense of the possibilities watch this short video that describes how the ExtractionEngine was used to create an Excel file with almost 2,000 observations in twenty minutes!!

The video demonstration showed the tool in action extracting director compensation data, our clients have used this tool for a wide range of data, some of the tables others have used this tool to extract include: Fair Value Disclosures, Audit Fees, Biographical Details about Directors and Pension Disclosures. To see the ExtractionEngine working with the data you need please email Burch.